Nutritional Counselling for Women in Perimenopause

Are you doing everything the same as before but still feeling sluggish both mentally and physically?


  • Lose that stubborn belly fat?

  • Be in control of your mood?

  • Sleep better?

  • Stop counting calories and watching what you eat?

  • Achieve permanent weight loss?

  • Adopt healthy eating habits?

  • Learn techniques how to stop cravings?

  • Find a physical activity that best suits your lifestyle?

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I've had weight issues since I had my daughter. I've tried different diets but I would put everything back on when back to my normal eating. I have been working with Anna for 4 months and she made me realise the long-term gains I could achieve with small habit changes. It's now a way of life for me and my family. She has helped me change my mindset about how I view food and how to care about my body. My sleep is better than before. I dropped from size 16 to 12. I feel better both phisically and mentally and couldn't be happier.  (G.D. 51)  

It is such an important support what Anna provides! She helped to understand my body in my early 50s. The changes I made in my nutrition and lifestyle made my life more fulfilling. My mood is better, my joint pain is gone, my body composition has changed and my old clothes are all loose. (T.P. 50)

Anna's coaching was really inspiring for me. Her nutritional knowledge is substantial and the way she explains things is clear. She is non-judgemental and supportive and she makes the whole experience thought-provoking and fun. I would thoroughly recommend Anna if you want to improve what you eat and how. (V.C. 44)

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